Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Fever

I've come down with a fever that has a serious side effect of procrastination. As the temperature rises outside, I feel flush from looking out of the window at the bright sunshine and newly leaved trees. It's made me ache to go outside and walk away from this pile of work on my desk. Get on my bike and feel that fresh warm air wash over me with Lady Gaga blasting in my helmet. What's the cure? Pull the blinds and move the studio to the windowless garage?

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in working inside and getting the work done that before you know it, there goes another gorgeous day without stepping out the front door. BUT I have to get this stuff done! And that's where one of my worse symptoms come into play, procrastination. I don't want to do anything. And that's a bad symptom that shouldn't be left to flare up into a full blown take down. When the fever hits, allow it to take it's course. Maybe take a half hour walk outside and enjoy the goodness of the day. Can you take some work and create out on the patio set? Heck! If you have a patio set, go have your lunch outside. I so often forget I have a backyard!

My cure all is to organize. I need my stuff put away and put out of sight. Today I actually organized bags of stones into those clear shoe boxes you get at The Container Store. Take all those stones out of the baggies and pile them in the boxes and on to the shelves. I have an area in my basement dedicated to all the shipping and jewelry supply storage. All neat and put away. It didn't take long to get that in order then came up for lunch, which I had outside on the patio set today. The cloudless sunny day cleared up my fever and refreshed, I was back to work in the studio for the afternoon.

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