Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here's a sweet newcomer to Necklace Town who is a sunny addition to the massive necklace making under way. This young lady is eco friendly, free spirited, world traveler and yerba mate tea drinker. She just had a Solstice party! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.....

What’s your name?

Alexandra Nichols

Where are you from?
Upstate NY

Where do you live now?

Mount Kisco, NY

Do you have any other jobs?
Volunteer at Muscoot Farm, in Katonah, NY. Student.

When did you start making jewelry?
In my senior year of high school!

How much chain do you cut in an hour?

Not quite sure yet.

Do you do other crafts? What are your talents and specialties?
I'm a naturalist, and very involved herbalist. I love ceramics and painting, but don't do either regularly.

What do you want for Christmas?
Tuition! That's all. I'm a simple girl. :) Oh! And a Teleporter!

How did you find out about Necklace Town?
I got in touch with Melinda through craigslist, believe it or not.

What do you like best about working for Melindesign?
The accuracy that's involved. Also, it's nice to be surrounded by productive people. The energy is very positive.

Well Lexy, productivity is all the rage at Necklace Town! It takes a lot of happy energy to make it happen here in the USA and your positive Lexyvibes keep us going. And I want a turn on that Teleporter when Santa brings you one! So glad to meet you!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet Cami Burmester! Visitor Spotlight in Necklace Town

We have been VERY busy in Necklace Town. We have about 1,500 necklaces finished and shipping has started. So many great, artistic, talented people drop by Necklace Town to lend a hand and I'd like you to meet some of them.

I'd like to introduce you to Cami, who passes through Necklace Town quite often. She's a super cutie, a wicked wire wrapper and is a very accomplished painter, I love her flair for boho fashion and wears the fiercest slippers and is a major Harry Potter fan. I love her outlook and how she sees the world through Camivision. You'll just eat her up too!

What’s your name?
Colette Burmester

Where are you from?

Kent, NY

Where do you live now?

Brewster, NY

Do you have any other jobs?

I am a surrealist painter, and Gallery Coordinator

When did you start making jewelry?

I started making jewelry when I was in College. Free form wire wrapping on semiprecious stones, and it became a passion.

How much chain do you cut in an hour?

I have no idea, a lot though.

Do you do other crafts? What are your talents and specialties?

I sew, I paint,and I spin fire poi

What do you want for Christmas?

I want new fire poi

How did you find out about Necklace Town?

The PennySaver

What do you like best about working for Melindesign?

I love that I am making art in some form, I am always happy when my hands are creating.

Check out Cami's AWESOME portfolio, she's amazing. Become a fan and keep watch for new artwork, paintings and upcoming shows. She's having a show this month and you MUST check it out!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who Is a Subcontractor or an Employee? When to 1099 or W2

I just came from a meeting with a Certified Public Accountant. I told him about Necklace Town and all the help I've been collecting to get 13,000 orders out the door and he gave me a guideline to follow when considering one an "employee" (W2) or "subcontractor" (1099). VERY eye opening. This was sent to one of his clients, by the IRS, when a subcontractor filed for unemployment (!!!) when the temporary job was over. So for all those that aren't taking out Disability Insurance, Worker's Compensation, insurance, payroll taxes, FICA, listen up!

  • A copy of any contract on which the services were obtained. If there is no written contract, please furnish the substance, in detail, of any oral agreement.
  • Where did the individual work? Were they requited to work on your premises?
  • Was the individual in an independently established business? If so, did the individual advertise in the Yellow Pages, or in local newspapers, craigslist? If possible, provide business cards, stationery, insurance certificates, ect.
  • Could similar services be performed for others in a competitive business? Is so, furnish details regarding for whom such services were performed and whether or not they were performed during the same period services were performed for you. Are they working else where?
  • Could work assignments you offer be refused? Under what circumstances could services be terminated?
  • Was there a requirement to devote a specific amount of time to the services performed for you or was the time required to perform the service left to the individual's discretion?
  • Was the individual covered under your liability insurance, Workers' Compensation or Disability Insurance?
  • Were deductions made from the earnings for social security and income tax purposes?
  • Who provided tools or supplies or equipment?
  • When services were not performed for you, due to illness, ect, who furnished a replacement? Must permission be requested for time off?
  • Who set the rate of pay and what was the basis of compensation, this is, hourly or weekly, or were the bills submitted according to the terms of the agreement? If bills were submitted. please furnish a copy or sample of such a bill.
  • How were the sruvices obtained? Furnish copies of any advertisements, applications, ect.
  • Did the individual have to call in absences?
  • Were there any requirement to report at established times and work certain hours, for example, 9:00-5:00, 8:00-4:00, ect?
  • Did you supervise or review the individual's work? if not, how did you insure the work was being done satisfactorily? If the work was not satisfactory, who was responsible to the customers?
  • Did you provide reimbursement of expenses, and what fringe benefits did you provide?
  • Did you provide training or required attendance at training sessions?
  • Could the individual subcontract work?
  • How free was the individual to develop their own design concepts?
  • Did the individual deal directly with your clients at any stage of the project to discuss project requirements?

If you answered mostly NO to all of these questions, you would 1099 them. They would be considered a subcontractor. If you are unsure and answered YES to any of these questions or can't provide proof or otherwise, you would W2 them. They would be an employee and you would have to pay all the necessary taxes and deductions required by the Labor Department. If they find you have not followed the guidelines, you would be penalized $250.00 per employee, have to pay all back taxes, compensation, insurance from first day of employment with penalties and interest from beginning of your business. Scary!

A tough pill to swallow. So you better straighten out your employment situation before you get audited! I can explain a little more of each of these questions above and how to figure out where you might fall under so please don't hesitate to ask. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this!