Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Spy: A Bowl of Fruit

What a crazy two weeks it has been at Chez Melindesign! A very successful online sample sale, ten retail stores that had to be filled in just days and a huge sample line with multiple sets with each design to be twisted up (new client, psych!). I've had the pliers in my hand for just about every waking hour. For five days, I left my table open, all 82" of it, covered in spools of chains and gemstones. Michael was off to Munich that week so since dinner was not going to be happening, I left everything out.

Which only left a prime playing field for another installment o
f I Spy! The last one was so much fun, wasn't it? This time the prize will be a CHOICE of one of these two bracelets. This is a project I'm working on that I will be donating a percentage of proceeds towards helping girls rule the world. Here's some I talked about a little while ago.

I found even more organizations I like so I'm going to be spreading the wealth. I'm still working on the line, tweaking it, so stay tuned. The name of my foundation is a toss up too, but I'm not ready to dispel that quite yet. I'm working on getting the name tags for the bracelets.

These are made by girls too! I want to keep it all about the girls....They have been doing a terrific job. Every week I get another ten bright, beautiful, fun bracelets. I just love how they are coming out. I have quite a variety of neon colors in all sorts of patterns. Stay tuned..
The winner of this I Spy gets a choice of one of the two bracelets. You'll be the first on your block sporting these! If you click on the picture, it will enlarge it. So here goes:

I Spy: A Bowl of Fruit

The first person who gets it right, will win this fabulous prize! A choice between these two neon bracelets. The hot pink one is about 7 1/2" long and the multi neon is 7" long. Both are about a half inch wide.

First one to e-mail the answer, wins. Please don't to leave the answer in the comments (but comments are appreciated!) because I'd like others to play the game too. Immediate family members and past winners are excluded. Good luck!

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