Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From Kitchen Table to Fashion Brand and Keeping it in America

I watched CBS's Fashion Night Out special last night. The stories I just loved were about the designers that literally started on their kitchen tables. And now? They are employing hundreds in America to make a great quality product here in America.

Take Rag & Bone. David Neville and Marcus Wainwright wanted to make a dark denim jean in a new and modern way. They handcrafted these jeans and from there, developed their line handcrafting all their clothes. They employ people here in the USA, from suit tailors to pattern makers to seamstresses who are experts in their traditional techniques. All done with high quality fabrics and exceptional craftsmanship.

I work with designers handcrafting their product here in the USA. There has been a serious movement that designers want to keep their product here, employ here and not go over seas. I applaud that. I support that. We need to keep it here. I have employed excellent experienced wire wrappers, bead stringers, peyote beaders, metal formers, solderers, feather gluers, painters. I could not have grown my business without the quality work of these blessed hand crafters. Each one has their powerful talent and I appreciate it with awe.

This is Courtney and Colette. They are my new full time employees that really bring it to the table. Colette is an awesome painter and free form jewelry designer. Courtney hand makes one of a kind jewelry and hair wear.

Scoutiegirl writes about this in her blog. She's a major cheerleader of the handmade brigade and the support that is needed to keep this handmade machine going. I love her support and bright outlook for fellow artisans.

There's change out there, get in there and make it happen. Support your local artisans, craft people, farmers, gourmands, moms who are beading at home, and unemployed office managers who discovered their hidden talents they have yearned to explore. Do it! Now is the time! Let's keep the movement going forward and keep it in America.

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