Monday, November 14, 2011

Klout is bad for your soul

Klout is bad for your soul

I tried it out, using it as another SEO branch to my empire. It's sort of like high school, grading you with the cool kids and whether you pass muster. But it doesn't tell you how to improve your score, your reach. What steps are needed to increase your amplification? Your network? The first day I tried it, it deemed me an expert at The Sopranos. Was it because I posted a comment about the Sopranos on my friend's facebook comment field?

Since I do take the time to cull my search words, it'd be nice if Klout would trace them so I can find out where my expertise came from and where I can apply more to different subject matters. If I'm influencing people, where?? Is my reach better on Twitter or facebook? Am I commenting enough? Does it track my business page on facebook, which would be helpful. How would I know?

I'm proud that I'm in my 40s (age wise as well!) but how is that helpful on the world wide internet? I'd like to know if I can make my knowledge helpful for someone and where would that be?

If you can figure it out, let me know!

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Ahahaha... I've been puzzling over Klout recently too. I went there and found that I had a decent score, but it decided I was influential in the oddest things... fusion, energy, Mexico, bacon! Just yesterday, I deleted some of my odd categories (I did leave bacon just beacause it cracks me up) hoping I could get some +K's in categories that are a closer fit to what I'm all about. Another one that is aggravating me is Crowbooster. It gives you lots of good information about your tweets and followers except that it seems to never be entirely up to date. The two of those combined, along with your suggestions could be sooo useful... sigh.

Sarah from

The Tote Trove said...

Very interesting. I never heard of Klout. Although I did enjoy your "cool kids" analogy. (Who couldn't relate to that?)

Jewelry Assembly Chicks said... It seems if you check in with Klout daily, it ups your score little bits AND I just scored 2 perks! discount ski lift tickets and redbeacon, which I don't think I'll be using in the near future. I mostly do it for SEO. The more my name and cause is out there, the better.

@The Tote Trove: Thanks so much! College, seems to be a lot of money for time that could be spent best else where. Especially if the kids aren't motivated and expect to walk into a very high level job right out of it. I'm hearing about graduates sitting home because they deem certain jobs "below" them. The more time slips away, it will only wear away your skills and resolve. Take the job and develop yourself,you're smart enough to know that you will move on when better things come along.