Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How Liamolly With the Help of Kickstarter.com Was Able to Get it #MadeinAmerica

On Kickstarter.com, all kinds of people asking for financing on all kinds of projects, from film projects to food producers, artists, and inventors. And all increments of donations. All kinds of projects across the USA. This particular story got my attention, Seema Sudan of Liamolly, had been producing sweaters in Asia and their demands went from 300 sweaters to 2,000 sweaters PER style. It put them out of business.

They put the word out on Kickstarter.com about needing financing to put a down payment on a knitting machine. They hit the mark and now she's in training to operate the system and they hope to be up & running by June. Getting all her sweaters #AmericanMade #MadeintheUSA. She's sending those who donated a small token of thanks of one of her handmade designs.

Here's more on Liamolly and her journey on Kickstarter.com:


This program at Kickstarter.com would be good to seek out others who want their product made here in America an not have to go overseas. It's a way to help dollar by dollar to get their products #MadeinAmerica. Bypass the government, start small, slow and just do it on our own. Help support people with great ideas and initiative to make their product here in the USA....which is what the American spirit is all about. Starting an #AmericanMadeRevolution.


Bella Vita Jewelry said...

I have thought about trying a Kickstarter campaign before but I can't help but feel greedy asking people to donate to my business. I've tried to think of ways that I could give back but haven't come up with any. What are you thoughts on asking people to donate to other peoples businesses? Do you think their should be a "good cause" involved?

Jewelry Assembly Chicks said...

Your good case is to keep your business in the United States. Liamolly was manufacturing overseas until factories demanded more units ordered. They've always wanted to stay in the US, and thought overseas was the solution. Then they decided that all they needed was that expensive knitting machine to keep their company in the USA. That was their cause: To keep manufacturing their product in the USA.

What if you could teach people here how to make those beaded bangles? You would employ local talent, help establish a trade, skill, craftsmanship within your community. Donate a portion of those sales to keep manufacturing those bracelets in the USA by starting a local school to teach such skills. You're bringing money into your community, which aids in your local economy.

With Kickstarter.com, you don't need to ask for a lot of money, little steps. Just a kickstart...money you may need for materials, to hire the talent, to advertise, to rent a space, ect...

Your cause is Made in the USA.