Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Busy Here in Necklace Town USA

Melindesign got an inquiry to do a little job for Nordstrom for an American designer, Kris Nations of Kris Nations Jewels from California. All American made. Sure! we said and as the supplies slowly trickled in pressing the deadline (December 1!)  closer and closer, I was getting concerned...Were we going to make the first third of this order by November 19th??

We did it! but missed by 36 pieces cause we didn't have the state label for the baggies on hand....Mr UPS man waited patiently while I tried to pack those last few hundred in the giant box. One of three giant boxes.

So that's the first third, more than 5,000 necklaces assembled in an unbelievable 10 days?? Bottled and packed in 3 days? How did we do it? I have some amazing assemblers that helped me last time we had a mountain of necklaces to assemble, 14,000+ in two and half months. ALL assembled in the United States of America, just like this order we are undertaking now.

I want to thank Donna, Pam E, Jill, Bill, Maggie, Stephanie, Liz, Brooke, Courtney, Rozmarin, Pam R, Margie, Maribeth. Some newbies that I found by putting a shout out on my town's Facebook page. A flood of emails came in and by the afternoon, I met a new crew of Jewelry Assembly Chicks, ready to help me get this made in the USA. I had my uber assemblers cranking out the necklaces, the bottlers, with their graceful & deft gloved hands working furiously, so careful NOT TO MARK the CARDS! And the baggie chicks, pure joy! Being able to help American designers keep their production here in the United States instead of outsourcing to China is super awesome supreme. You all helped achieve that this past week. 

Another shipment of 3,000 bottles are coming in tomorrow. Another 2,400 out by next Monday. But first, enjoy that all American holiday, the day we give thanks.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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