Thursday, March 21, 2013

How Does the Process Work to Assembly Jewelry in the USA?

How the process works
You provide us with the materials for your piece along with a sample or image. We will create the piece following your specific instruction. You in turn, will receive a technically correct, beautiful, finished piece.

We will do sample pieces for you so you can see our craftsmanship. It also gives us a chance to see the complexity of the pieces, provide you with some guidance to improve on technique or to streamline your assembly. We work with all sorts of materials. The Jewelry Assembly Chicks have skills that will meet your needs. We'll also package your jewelry, add tags and label.

Keep your jewelry production in the USA by having us do the manufacturing for you. You go back to designing and picking up more wholesale and retails orders. We'll do the jewelry assembly. We love helping you to keep it made in the USA. 

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IIJInstitute said...

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