Friday, December 5, 2014

"No One Else Can Do What This Kid Does!" The Butane Kid [Official Trailer HD]

This is one of our Jewelry Assembly Chicks, Simon O'Keefe, who has been working with Melindesign since he was 14, during school breaks and summers. He's a senior at Buffalo State College, majoring in Television and Film Arts. Here's his latest trailer for his latest film, premiering SUNDAY, DEC. 7 at 7PM in the BUFF STATE Social Hall.

We can't tell you how thrilled we are at how he has progressed creatively with mad writing and camera skills! While he can gift box 50 necklaces and pack giant shipping cartons for Amazon non-stop for our fulfillment department in record time, it's watching his true talent and passion shine in his films that excite us here. We are so eager to see this bright star rising in the future of great story telling and film making. 

Congratulations Simon!

Check him out here:

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