Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beer Garden Tour 2010 First Stop: Studio Square

Our good friend, Sue, took my husband, Michael, and me to a beautiful spot under the stars in Astoria Queens last night, Studio Square. Forget all notions you have of the traditional Bavarian beer gardens, they have recasted the familiar in a new light. It's still the large outdoor space with long communal tables you know, but spread out into different sections, indoors and out, with ivy covered brick walls, cool lighting, huge umbrellas, industrial fixtures. Every time we drew a pitcher, we explored and sat in another area. There's an outdoor bar and two indoor bars, outdoor grill, fire pit and the bathrooms! For all that beer drinking with all those people (and this place holds A LOT of people), thank goodness for the individual, well attended, your-very-own-little-CLEAN modern bathroom! One section for the men, one section for the ladies. So civilized! I was so thankful for that, I kept gushing, "I could live here!" It was my very own Disney World. Beer and a clean bathroom.

But what about the beer?? Yes indeed, my reason for taking up residence here. 19 beers from craft to seasonal in liters, half liters and full pitchers. Sangria on tap! I even tried some rootbeer vodka! What a treat that was. But we don't live for beer alone so we ordered some food at the outdoor grill where the menu ranged from wings to sushi to bratwurst to souvlaki to chili fries. We got the meaty wings (25 portion) spicy good and the chili fries. For $25, it fed the three of us with three leftover wings.

They have scheduled live music, a Tuesday Lost Viewing Party, and a First Anniversary party coming up on May 20th with all you can drink beer, sangria, and wine for $25! I guess I won't be home watching 30 Rock that night. They have a huge event space you can rent. I would so have my wedding here. Relaxed, cool chic. Just steps from the Kaufman Astoria Studios, PS 1 Contemporary Art Center, and the Museum of Moving Image.

This is a great place to take your gang. I can't wait to go back and celebrate your birthday there, Miss Sue! My new home away from home.

Hours noon til 4am.
35-33 36th St
Queens, New York 11106 (718) 383-1001
subway stop 36th st station on the R or the V


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Anonymous said...

sounds great. looking forward to Sue's bday party there. Corinne