Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Free Advertisement For You! Pitch a Magazine!

Want to reach the masses? Jewelry designers can pitch an article in a magazine of their trade. For example, you have Beadworks, BeadStyle, Crafts Report, Bead & Button, Art Jewelry (if there's more to add to this category, please let me know!)

  • Look up their requirements online. Each of these magazines will have an outline form for you to follow.
  • Do you have a nice letterhead? Make one! It's all about your brand identity
  • Write an outline of what you do, talk about how you started in the business, submit one project with step by step tutorial with pictures.
  • Some will require the actual piece and give you instructions on how to send it.
  • Send this along with your press kit, photos, anything pertaining to your specialty with ALL your contact information.

Project editors always are looking for new ideas and have pitch meetings monthly. They are looking for new and exciting things to write about. It's a way to get into a national magazine that pertains to your expertise and talent and a way for a broader audience to find you. And it's free! Be sure you are hooked up to all the social networks. Once the article hits, every opportunity for people to contact you is paramount. Good Luck and let me know if you get published!

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