Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Spy: a Head Pin.......

With the short week in the studio, I've amassed quite a pile of finished work. I still have to write up directions, take a photo of each piece, bag it, label it, then ship it out. But before I do that, I thought this would be fun! I had all the I Spy books when my son was little and he just loved them. As soon as we got a new one, we'd tear through them. He started making his own I Spy pictures, with elaborate Lego setups, and all his little trinkets. So here's the first game of I Spy for you. If you double click the picture, it makes it bigger for you so you can see better.

I Spy: a Head Pin.

The first person who gets it right, will win this fabulous prize! Just for you June babes, a pair of sterling silver lever back earrings I made, with 5mm simulated Alexandrite birthstone also wrapped in sterling silver. They are an inch long.

First one to e-mail the answer, wins. Please don't to leave the answer in the comments (but comments are appreciated!) because I'd like others to play the game too. Immediate family members are excluded. Good luck!

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