Saturday, July 17, 2010

Newport, Rhode Island: Vanderbilt Hall Part 1

Off to Newport, Rhode Island on a very hot motorcycle ride, where we arrived at Vanderbilt Hall to check in. We got there too early, as our lovely concierge, Arielle, informed us. I was just about to cry a river on my already sweat soaked road clothes because all I want to do was peel off the long jeans, boots and socks right then and there. But fear not! We were allowed to use the spa downstairs, change into our suits in a beautiful modern locker room, slip on a thick terry towel to take a swim in the brand new outdoor pool or the indoor pool. When I went outside to get my helmet and gear, it was already swept up and put on a cart by Jameson. No more heavy lifting! I was done with the heat. He even offered to park my bike!

My bag didn't fit in their locker so they again, took it away to install in our room while we went out to the refreshing saline inground pool. Just opened 2 weeks before, how lucky we were to arrive after construction. Since it was Monday, their bar and restaurant, Monty's, was closed. But we wanted a beer! I walked two blocks to Spring Street Spirits and brought back a six pack. I asked permission if we could drink it there and asked for plastic cups. The ever attentive Alex, the house manager, bow tied and one of the sweetest guys ever, put our beer on ice, poured out two special plastic pilsner glasses and back to the pool was I. We were at the pool til after 6, not even thinking about the room (it was ready for check in at 3), drinking our ice cold beer and lounging on those teak comfy cushioned lounge chairs under market umbrellas, lazing over the view of the Trinity Church steeple, which was founded in 1698, before us.

We were finally relaxed and sated enough to go up to our room, 309. What a room, large spacious suite, our motorcycle helmets and jackets were neatly placed on a chair in the suite part of the room, it was so cute and thoughtful how they placed them! Luxurious linens on a big fluffy bed, a great sofa to sink into with a 50" flat screen, a living room that I felt like, too bad we weren't having guests over. A wet bar, stocked with the essentials to have a swank cocktail party for those guests. Huge closet with shelves and drawers, two robes, everything was put away and out of sight.

And then the bathroom. The ultimate spa bath with large frameless glass doored shower with TWO adjustable shower heads with different jet settings. Thick white terry towels and a glass shelf that ran the length of the room underneath the mirror that also ran the length of the room with top notch toiletries laid out on wooden trays and a dispenser with cotton balls and q-tips and two glasses, NOT plastic cups. I spread out all my goodies on every 7' of that shelf. It was a pale sand 12"x 6" tile and accented with a frosted green glass 2" sq tile throughout. The toilet had two flush strengths: 1/2 and full.

We went to dinner at Sushi Go which had 1/2 price sale on all fresh catch of the day sushi after 8pm, got a bottle of wine at the shop I was at earlier (open til 11) and we took out $50 (with a bottle of wine!) dinner to the roof deck of the Vanderbilt, which was just heavenly. A table up a small fight of steps had the entire harbor laid out before us with the lit up Pell Newport Bridge.

The roof deck is fully equipped with a kitchen and teak furniture and we stumbled upon
an iDeck that we popped in the tunes and had one of the most nicest evenings. We went back to the room and there was a turn down service, our bed completely undressed, turned down with chocolate covered apricots, the roman shades drawn, and the bathroom! It was completely cleaned, new towels replaced and trash taken away. Like we were never there and it as all brand new again. I never want to leave here......

I'll have a little more of the history of this grand mansion hotel tomorrow so stayed tuned!

Vanderbilt Hall Hotel
41 Mary Street
Newport, RI
(401) 846-6200

Spring Street Spirits
137 Spring Street
Newport, RI

(401) 846-0959

Sushi Go‎‎ ‎
215 Goddard Row
Newport, RI 02840-6607

(401) 849-5155

Trinity Episcopal Church
One Queen Anne Square
(GPS: 141 Spring St.)
Newport, RI 02840
(401) 846-0660

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