Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beer Garden Tour 2010 Third Stop: The Standard Beer Garden

I celebrated my 20th anniversary last night with my wonderful husband! Dinner at Le Bernardin, which was off the charts. Let's just say my plate was elegantly licked clean. And for a bonus, we got to lay our eyes on the beaucoup handsome, tall chef who cooked our otherworldly meal, Eric Ripert. He was a vision in chef's whites as he glided into the dining room parting the sea of black attired waiters, attendants, busboys, hostesses, sommeliers to greet diners as they strained to look up at this gray fox to thank him for the fine meals before them. Wow! He was here on a Wednesday night and not at a book signing or opening another restaurant in Disney World or Las Vegas. What a treat! Who needed dessert?

From there, we went to the High Line Park. What a super cool beautiful park! We got there just as the night began and the lighting and night sky..... it was sooo pretty. So well done. You have to go check it out:

We walked under the Standard Hotel and now finally! I get to check out this beer garden. It was very busy. It's located beside the Standard Grill and the entrance to the beer garden is on the corner of Washington Street and 13th Street, underneath the High Line. But you can sneak in there other ways and by pass the line outside. You have to buy tickets for the beers and food. We go to the "draft" bar (there's also a liquor bar) and there is only three drafts and three bottles. Hmmmmmmm, I like having a lot more choices than that. And would it hurt to wipe the bar down? Gross. And funny, there was a smell there that was a cross between garbage and I don't want to make you sick, I'll end it there. They offer brats and giant pretzels. And beautiful people. Loads of those...

The bathrooms are large, multi stalled and unisex, just separated with a chain mail curtain so we got to share a trough of sinks which half of the faucets were falling off the wall, not working, no soap in the dispensers. Too bad, it looks like it could be a nice bathroom if they would attend to it. O! and ladies! Want to by pass the lines? Just do it because you can actually walk pass the long line of foxy babes, because they are ALL texting, heads down, not paying attention to empty stalls! 75% of the stalls were EMPTY. They were waiting in line for someone to come out of one stall! So there's plenty of relief there, just try a door! It was comical to say the least.

And they give out bushels of apples after your bathroom break, nice touch!

It was a different atmosphere than your basic beer garden, but almost disney-esce as it was part of the Standard Hotel. They tried to be bavarian with the waiters and bartenders wearing cute t-shirts with lederhosen printed on them and offering (one!) pils and (one!) weiss beer but it missed the mark with me. It's okay for the hotel guests I suppose, you're in the middle of the most trendiest fashion forward few blocks of the Meatpacking (and there is a lot of "meat" there ladies, am I right??) District but there are much better beer gardens than this in NYC.

848 Washington St

(between Little W 12th St & 13th St)
New York, NY 10014


Pretty Things said...

"elegantly licked clean" -- oh how I love that phrase!

Jewelry Assembly Chicks said...

I did it with a napkin over my head as not to seem rude ;-)